Stay Connected

Secure, fast WiFi and hard wired internet to every room in your home is the back bone of any smart home system.
Our complete house installations will always include a hard wired data and telephone network to all rooms using a structured cat5, cat6 and even fibre optic cable infrastructure. This simple and cost effective cable installation allows a whole variety of services to be sent around your home and shared between different rooms and members of the family.
This cable infrastructure also provides future proofing for new technologies not even we know about yet but with fibre optics installed in a property there isn't any conceivable entertainment or automation signal that cannot be transmitted throughout your house.
In its simplest form a good home data network will allow you to share music, photographs and films between computers and share printers and scanners whilst allowing secure strong wireless signals to all rooms for convenient and fast internet browsing.
Our more advanced automation installations also rely on a solid data network for the correct and reliable operation of the audio visual and automation systems which is an often overlooked element of a system but a truly essential one. In these scenarios normal home network equipment is not sufficient and commercial grade set ups are needed,  our designers will always specifier the most suitable level of equipment for your installation.
A secure network also allows our engineers to provide service to your system, securely and remotely from our offices meaning routine maintenance and problem solving can be completed far quicker and with less inconvenience to our clients.
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