keep a close eye on your home

CCTV systems comprising discrete external and internal cameras and a DVR, or hard drive recording system, will provide round the clock monitoring of your home, allowing you to check the safety of your property and grounds from any TV screen in the house or via your iPad or iPhone from anywhere in the world.

All the CCTV systems we provide offer full colour CCTV images during the day and black and white images at night due to built in Infra Red LED's which allow you to see clearly in total darkness. We can offer you a wide range of options for the style of camera you feel is most suitable and also the level of picture quality you want to achieve from full HD quality images with pan and tilt cameras you can control from your remote all the way down to entry level systems.

Looking at CCTV systems in their most basic form, at the very least the presence of cameras act as a deterrent letting any would be intruder aware they are being watched and recorded, with the hope they will simple move on


integrated CCTV warning systems

To further enhance your security Idesis Muhendislik have developed an in house solution giving our clients advanced warning of any intruder in their grounds long before they get to the house, thus allowing you time to react accordingly.

A system of external heat sensors around your home provides a reliable 15m perimeter barrier which can be activated at the touch of a button. Should someone break the perimeter barrier all selected TV screens in the house will instantly display the CCTV image of the area of activation giving you time to call the police or move to a secure room in the property.

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