Beautiful design and intelligent control

Lighting design and control transforms a well designed home into a truly inspiring home.
The layout of lights, designation of individual circuits and selection of fittings are equally as important as the ability to quickly and easily select lighting scenes and moods to reflect how you are using your home or garden.
We have been designing lighting schemes for our clients for almost a decade and our skill lies in our understanding of your interior design scheme, how yourself and your family wish to use the space and of course a deep understanding of how the different lighting control systems work and which one will suit your application best . We then take this information and use it to provide lighting layouts and fittings which will enhance and emphasise the key features of the property whilst providing flexibility and suitable levels of light for the intended use of each room.
Complementing your lighting design a with an intelligent lighting control system such as Lutron, Rako or Niko will ensure that you can create the perfect mood throughout the house at the push of button. Easy to use, backlit engraved switches mean you know exactly what each switch does without fumbling in the dark. Plus  the ability to turn off all the lights in the house with a single switch or set holiday and security modes not to mention considerable energy savings mean intelligent lighting is truly a valuable addition to any home.
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