Responsible use of technology

Technology doesn’t have to use energy and cost money it can actually save you money, a lot of money in fact.

For example a full house lighting control system such as Lutron will typically save you around 30% of the electricity you would have used for the same number/type of lights without a lighting control system. Lights left on when you leave the house also waste energy, wouldn't it be simpler if we turn off every light in the house automatically when you set the burglar alarm to leave, of when you go to bed?

Rather than leave on all the entertainment equipment we have installed in yout house when you are away from home or in bed we can provide simple "All AV off" switches to completely shut down all but the control elements of your system saving considerable amounts of energy. We can then set the system turn back on automatically at 6 am before you wake up so everything is ready for you to use again.

We can also show you how much energy you use each day on your touch screen controllers so you can see the effect your ground source heat pump, solar panels and lighting control systems etc are having on your energy use.

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