Plasma and projector – “best of both worlds”

Where a dedicated home cinema room is not possible or practical, jaw dropping cinema performance can still be achieved with sufficient planning and forethought. 

A typical high quality home cinema installation in a lounge or family room would involve a high quality LED screen either mounted flush in to the wall or concealed behind an automated mechanism used for day to day TV watching and a projector screen and projector which descend from the ceiling to give you the big screen experience in the evenings for watching films of sporting events etc.

Surround sound is then provided by in ceiling or in wall speakers or discrete artworks speakers to give high quality powerful surround sound without disrupting the rooms decor.

All of the technology is made incredibly simple to use via our programmed touch screen controllers so that only a single tap of the "Movie Time" is all that is required to activate the system and relax in front of the latest blockbuster.


Games Rooms

For entertaining with friends or enjoying time with the family, games rooms are becoming an ever more popular addition to our clients homes.

As multi functional rooms lighting control, music systems and big screen entertainment are essential elements of a successful games room project.

Lighting control allows the room to be divided in to its separate areas, bright over the pool table, colourful around the bar area and dimmed low level around the projector screen.

A big screen TV or multiple screens will allow you to watch sports and TV programs during the day without drawing curtains or blinds but at night when the rooms use switches to watching films a touch of a button will lower your projector screen and projector silently from the ceiling, close the blinds and curtains and dim the lights for a perfect movie experience

Hidden Cinemas

We provide our clients with a wide variety of high performance home cinema solutions incorporated invisibly into their lounges, family rooms or bedrooms.

Completely hidden cinemas with speakers disguised as artwork, projectors and screens which emerge from the ceilings, TV screens hidden behind motorised pictures or fabric panels and automated blinds and lighting mean we can transform even the most formal of spaces in to a high performance cinema room.

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